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Having a website that is designed and optimized with wedding SEO is essential for bringing in those bridal leads. For those that do not know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a practice using different methods to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website via search engine results. 

Using SEO techniques are incredibly important to help boost any wedding business’s website. The better your SEO is for your wedding website the more bridal leads you can bring in. However for many wedding industry owners, finding the time to keep your site’s SEO can be difficult to do and maintain.

And as a wedding photographer it can be even more difficult due to your profession.  

I’ve noticed that wedding photographers in particular make a lot of similar mistakes when it comes to SEO implementation. The important 10 tips below, although helpful to any business, are designed to specifically help wedding photographers with their particular SEO problems.

1. Create Content For Every Page

When I say every page, I mean EVERY page!

I’ve seen so many wedding photographer websites that have amazing and just stunning photos but almost no content. If you don’t have any content then Google can’t find you and rank you. And if you’re not ranked within at least the first or second page on Google then its really hard to get traffic to your site.

You also want content to attract your ideal client.

Yes, you have amazing photos but what is your style of photographs? Process of contacting you? Pricing? Having content gives your target audience an idea of your style and if your the right fit for them. And if there isn’t enough content for the potential client to connect to you, then they will quickly move on to the next wedding photographer website.

2. Don't Do Keyword Stuffing

For any wedding SEO you definitely want to have important keywords to rank for and put these keywords in your content

However there is thin line between having a good amount of these keywords in your content and then just over keyword stuffing. If you wrote the same keyword over and over again, Google will see this as spam and rank you down. It would be better to use similar or relate-able keywords as well.

You also want to spread the keywords throughout your content.

 Although it's important to have those keywords in your content, it's more important that it sounds natural and something that provides a positive user experience when reading through your website.

Keyword stuffing

3. Keyword Your Photos

Not only do you need to have your keywords in your content but you will want keyword your photos as well.

Most websites or website content management systems (CMS) gives you the option of putting keywords in your photos. Currently when your website is scanned by Google bots, its not able to look at the images and know how it relates to your website. Because of this you want to put keywords in your photos to give Google an idea of what your website is about.

You still need to be careful to not use the same keyword over and over again in all of your photos. You want to use similar descriptions or venue location with your company name. Using venue keywords is great as people who are doing Google search of the venue might also be able to find your website.

4. Resize and Compress Images

Site speed is incredibly important for any website but wedding photographers get hit the hardest with this.

Raw wedding photos that I’ve seen posted on wedding photographer websites are beautiful and big. A little too big which puts a huge dent to the site speed. Idealistically you want your website to load within 5 seconds or less. Any more, and sometimes Google ranks you down. To stop this and help speed up your load time its highly suggested to resize and compress your images. You can use many sites online or photo editing software to do this.

5. SEO Title and Description

Every website page has its own SEO title and Metadata Description. 

The SEO title tag is an HTML element which specifies the title of that web page which is then displayed on search engine results. Both the title tag and metadata description is meant to be an accurate and condense description of the page’s content. It provides information for search engines to understand what your page is about.

If you don’t write this, Google will then go through your content and make a guess of what it is, which isn’t always correct. You need to make sure you do not use the same title tag or description in every single page. In general you want the SEO title to be 50-60 characters long and the Metadata Description to be no longer than 160 characters long. Any longer and it will be cut off in the Google Search.

6. Backlinking

Backlinking is such an important factor of building SEO for any website. 

Having other websites link out to your site, it makes your site seem more credible to Google. The higher quality or higher domain authority websites that points to your site, the more it boosts your wedding website. It is also very important to make sure most of these links are wedding-related.

If Google noticed a wedding blog linking out to your Wedding Photography website then they associate your website more with wedding photography. In turn, it will help you rank higher for that page or keywords. Often websites will have thousands of backlinks getting them and keeping them to page one on Google.

7. Use Social Media and Update Often

Social Media platforms are becoming more and more crucial for the wedding industry.

People use it to for wedding inspiration, planning and finding the right wedding vendor. If you are a destination wedding photographer this is even more important to have a social media footprint for potential clients to view. Not only do you need to have a some photos on social media, but you need to update often.

You don’t have to update every single day though.

Once a or twice week is fine. The best scenario is to have a schedule when you update so followers know when to expect new content and it shows that your business is active.

Marketing Wedding Photography

8. Link Out to Other Websites

Not only do you want to receive backlinks, but you want to give some away as well. 

Search engines like Google reward this sort of behavior. Linking out to other websites is a anti-spam SEO technique. It makes your website seem more trustworthy, especially if you link out to other high quality websites. This also can encourage and incentivize other websites to link to your website as well. Now you need to be careful not to link out too often as it can lower your website domain authority and ranking.

9. Be Mobile Friendly

Today more and more people are using tablets and mobile phones when browsing online. It's only a matter of time before the Google’s algorithm takes mobile sites into consideration when it comes to ranking (if it hasn’t already at the time of this article).

Often many business I have worked with didn’t even know how many potential clients come to their website via mobile phone. The best example I have is one wedding planner I worked with was having difficulty trying to bring in traffic and conversions. After a while we found out that 80% of their clients were coming in through the mobile website, which was not optimized well.

Now making sure your website is mobile friendly can be difficult for websites that have a lot of photographs.

 Mobile sites can move the layout from the desktop view in a way that doesn’t look good. Depending on your website you will need to consult with your developer or look into your CMS to see how to redesign the mobile site. At Venus Wedding Marketing, we recommend for our clients to use WordPress as there are many themes and options for you to edit a mobile version as well as desktop.

10. Switch to WordPress


I was reading a similar blog article for wedding photographer SEO tips and this point popped up.

It made me laugh a little bit since I see so many wedding photographers on very simple platforms and also because I consider myself a WordPress expert. But when I really think about it, this is a very valid point. Using WordPress can be a major advantage for SEO.

As easy and simple as WIX and Squarespace is, it just doesn’t compete with the flexibility and power WordPress has for SEO.

There are so many different plugins to use to customize and optimize SEO for your site. If I had to recommend one SEO plugin for WordPress it would be Yoast. Its moderately simple, the top SEO plugin and it's also the most downloaded WordPress plugin of all time. I’ve had some clients hesitate moving to WordPress since it is not as simple as other CMS. However once you get past the setup, there are many themes and plugins that make implementation just as easy.

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