About Us

Venus Wedding Marketing

It all started when Ashley was helping her now husband with his digital marketing company. While working with their clients who were in the wedding industry she realized that many wedding vendors aren't informed or receive the personalized service when it comes to digital marketing. This became even more evident when she started planning her own wedding and noticed so many wedding vendors sites she visited really lacked user design flow and basic SEO settings. The wedding industry has the most creative and artist people out there but so many site focus too much on artistic design and not enough on ranking well or even a site that your target audience is looking for.

This is where Venus Wedding Marketing comes in. Its our goal to partner and work with any type of wedding vendor build and grow their online presence. Having you understand how to improve your traffic. We have worked with wedding vendors from America all the way to New Zealand. 



Ashley Ohno has worked in both the accounting and the digital marketing fields for many years. She has lived in Japan for over 3 years and during that time has worked with clients from all over the world. Although recently got married in Japan, she is currently planning for her wedding ceremony to be in America so she understands how brides to be feel when looking for a vendor. An avid tea lover and always open for new experiences and knowledge.