How to Decide Wedding Blog Topics to Write

Wedding blogs are important!
But like all aspects of marketing, you want to make sure you're doing it correctly.

Creating blogs takes a considerable amount of time and energy to make (trust me, I know).
For any wedding business owner or employee, you need to make sure you're using your time efficiently. 

Before you create any wedding blogs, you want to make sure of the following:

What is the purpose of this blog
Is this a topic people are looking for?
Can you make the blog topic your own?

What is the purpose of the blog?

What is the purpose or rather why are you creating this blog?

Do you want to create blogs to bring in more visitors to your website? Do you want to create helpful content for people who have found your website? Is the blog to help buildup your website credibility or just something to connect with your core audience?

Whatever blog topic you decide you use, you want to make sure it works well with your blog’s purpose.

For example, if you are a wedding photographer who specializes in Seattle Weddings and you want to bring in more potential customers to your website then it's good to make blogs explaining best times and places for wedding photoshoots in Seattle.

This will bring in people who are already interested in the process of a wedding photo shoot in Seattle and it will showcase your expertise.

However, if you used a topic like “Ways to Pose for Wedding Photographs”, it may not match the original purpose or bring in as many potential clients.

Instead, this is useful in a different way and connects well with people who have been to your website before who might be reviewing your blogs before making the final decision to choose a photographer.

Is this a topic people are looking for?

There are so many different wedding blog topics out there and the potential for more is endless. Of course just because we can think of and write different types of blog topics, doesn’t mean everyone will want to read it.

With your blog purpose in mind, need to make sure the wedding blog topic is something your target audience is looking for and want to read.

Blogging about the newest system or lighting as a wedding DJ might be sound interesting to some people but it's probably not what your target audience wants to read about.

Doing some keyword research can also provide you with additional search terms that your targeted audience is looking for.

If you have a Google Ads account, then by using the Keyword Planner tool, you can find these popular keywords. Once you have a list, consider if you can create a blog around any of these terms.

Overall just make sure the blog topic you choose is for your target couples and something they want to read.

Can you make the blog topic your own?

Once you know the blog purpose and you have some ideas on topics your audience wants to know, how do you stand out? Or rather, how do you make these blog articles your own?

First off, using locality an aspect can really make and common blog topic stand out and be different.

Yeah, people have heard of the average overall costs of a wedding, but what's the average of Hawaii or Seattle? Would an ultimate wedding plan checklist be different due to the temperature or weather in your area?

Use your expert knowledge of your local area to provide potential clients with this sort of information.

If you are a niche wedding vendor, you can explain aspects or misconceptions about your specialty. What people get wrong about eloping or how a barn wedding can be as fun and enjoyable as a church wedding.

Use these mainstream topics and change them to showcase both your specialty as well as helping out those potential couples.

There are so many different topics you can choose for wedding blogging.

You just need to spend some time to make sure you are picking the right topics that match your purpose, goal and you can make it unique enough to really stand out. Once you have your blog topic list ready to go, you can efficiently create those blogs in a timely manner.

This way you have more time working with your new clients than trying to figure out the next blog to write.

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