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Service Pricing

Below is a list of Venus Wedding Marketing's services and set package plans. Our goal is to not to be an average digital marketing service, but a partner is your path of building your online presence. 

Please contact us for the final pricing and additional details of our services.

Partner with Venus Wedding Marketing

One-Off Services

Just need one service? No problem.
We provide some one-off services that gives you the necessary information and data to help boost your site.

Content Creation Services

WebPage Content Creation

Unfortunately a picture is not worth a million words on the internet.

If any of your webpages do not have enough content other than images, then Google will less likely rank your site. If you aren't ranking high enough then you will not get many people to visit your site. Plus if you don't provide enough reasons for potential clients to contact you then they will go to the next wedding photographer that will. After reviewing and consulting with you we will create the additional content that your Webpage is missing.

$800 per page

Webpage Content Creation for Wedding Photographers

Local / Niche Blog Content Creation

Don't have time to create blogs to help bring in brides? Let us help you.

By creating local and specific niche blogs, you can bring in those potential clients that are more likely to convert to customers. Specialize in gothic weddings? Or perhaps you know the best photo spots for your area. We will do the research ourselves or record you giving us all of the juicy details. Afterwards we will create and provide you the finished blog article you can add to your website.

$900 per blog

Niche Blog Content Creation for Wedding Photographers

Landing Page Building

If your digital marketing campaign requires a landing page, we can build it for you.

A landing page is a stand-alone web page, designed with a single focused objective, call-to-action (CTA). We will request to either provide us with the design or choose from a list of designs we have available. We will request clients to provide contents for the landing page since the clients will have a better understanding of their services and products. Fees associated with site server hosting and landing page software will be charged separately.  


SEO Services

Image Optimization

Image Optimization should be a top priority for any wedding photographer!

If images are too large, this significantly affects site speed. No matter how amazing your photos are, it doesn't matter if no one is willing to wait long enough to see them. This service is designed to reduce the size while keeping the image looking clean and nice. We will reduce, optimize and provide alt-text suggestions for 10 images.


Image Optimization for Wedding Photographers

SEO WebPage Meta Tag Suggestions

Make sure your webpages are optimized correctly everyone knows what your website is about. 

If your website doesn't have Title or Meta Description tags, Google will make an estimated guess which often is not an accurate representation. We will review and consult with you on what your business and webpage's goal is. Once we have a clear understanding we will provide you with Title, Meta Description and H title tag suggestions. 

$300 per page

SEO WebPage Meta Tag Suggestions

Local SEO Citation

Local SEO Citations are references of your core business information (name, address, phone number, hours, etc) listed on the internet. Having your business on these local citations improves your business credibility and can increase potential customer discovery along with SEO ranking. We will set up your business information for the following local directories:

Google My Business
Apple Maps
Bing Places
Four Square
Yellow Pages
City Search


SEO Audit

In order to improve your website’s Google ranking, we need to know how healthy it is.

This service is aimed at wedding photographers who want to find out in what areas they can improve their websites SEO and get more organic traffic. We review and examine your website in order to find and identify issues and any urgent problems. Afterward, we provide you with a report that includes not only all of our findings but suggestions on how you can start improving your site for better SEO results.

starting at $1,000

SEO Audit for Wedding Photographers

Website Update (WordPress ONLY)

If your website is hosted under WordPress, we can provide a website update as an additional service. This will help accelerate the optimization required for your campaigns.


WordPress Wedding

Research and Strategy Building

Keyword Research

If you don't know what people are looking for, you might be offering something that no one wants.

This service is for finding the top keywords that your potential clients are using to search for services that you provide. By knowing these top keywords, you can add it into your content and rank for the terms that really matter.  We will research and give you a report of the top 50 keywords you want to rank for. 


Keyword Research

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Solid understanding of your customers, products, and industry is crucial to determining your online strategy. Based on the knowledge and information that you already have, we will perform online marketing research via industry-leading tools and our expertise. This will discover more about your customer's online activities, interests, and demographics.

 We will also look at your competitors’ website structure, keywords and content to see how they attract customers via online. At the end of the research, we will prepare an insightful report to polish your marketing strategy.


Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Strategy Building

Building a comprehensive online customer acquisition strategy is crucial before committing to a huge investment. Based on the insights generated from our in-depth Discovery and Analysis research, we will provide you with a comprehensive SEO, PPC, Social or other online marketing strategies outlining our recommended techniques.


Set-up Services

Google Analytics or Search Console Setup

Tracking website data is incredibly important. Free tracking tools like Google Analytics or Search Console is a must for optimizing your websites SEO

Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to set this up, let us do it for you. We setup your Google Analytics with goal conversion or Search Console to make sure your tracking your marketing data accurately.

$300 per service or 

$500 for both

 Google Analytics Setup

PPC Campaign Setup

Do you wish to run a PPC campaign but don’t know how to set it up properly? We can help you do this with the most popular online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just let us know your preferred channel, target audiences, and ad content. We will deliver a PPC account that is ready to launch.


* Pay-per-click is a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.


Wedding Pay Per Click

Package Plans

Need more than just one service? We can help with that you too. These set packages are designed to help boost your website's SEO, so you can focus on other activities that help build and grow your wedding business.

SEO Packages

For wedding photographers, we have set specially designed SEO Plans at our SEO Services for Wedding Photographers page.


Start off with a simple SEO kick off 
Starting at




SEO Audit (with Audit Report)

Analytics / Search Console Setup

Image Optimization - Up to 10/mo  

SEO Webpage Suggestions - 1/mo

Monthly Webpage Content Creation - 1/mo

Identify Link Perspectives - 1/mo

Monthly Progress Report


Accelerate your SEO Success
Starting at




SEO Audit (with Audit Report)

KW Research ​

Competitor Research - up to 5

Analytics / Search Console Setup

Local SEO Citation

Image Optimization - Up to 50/mo  

SEO Webpage Meta Tag Suggestions - 4/mo

Monthly Webpage Content Creation- 2/mo

Local / Niche Blog Creation - 1/mo

Link building - 2 new link a month

Monthly Progress Report

* Package plans above require a minimum of 3 months however we recommend 6 -12 months to see full results.

Pay Per Click Packages


Dip into the advertising waters
Starting at




Small PPC Campaign Setup

Monthly Campaign Optimization
which includes:

Adding Negative Keywords

Testing New Ads/Keywords
Landing Page Suggestions

Monthly Campaign Audit

Monthly Progress Report


Power through  the competition
Starting at




Keyword Research

Large PPC Campaign Setup

Weekly Campaign Optimization
which includes:

Adding Negative Keywords

Testing New Ads/Keywords
Landing Page Suggestions
Remove Underperforming  Ads & Keywords
Campaign setting optimization

Monthly Campaign Audit

Monthly Progress Report

* Package plans above require a minimum of 3 months however we recommend 4 -5 months to see full results.

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