Top 10 Wedding Vendor Website Mistakes That Can Easily Be Fixed

For all wedding vendor websites, first impressions are important.

Regardless if you are a wedding planner, wedding photographer, wedding venue, and anything else, connecting to your clients is essential. When someone visits your website you want to make sure they really understand what kind of services you provide. Above all else you want them interested enough to contact you. To really book those brides, you really need to wow and amaze them.

Unfortunately this is not always the case.

 I’ve reviewed a lot of wedding websites, both as a digital marketer as well as a bride planning her own wedding. I consistently see some of the same mistakes in many wedding vendors websites. What’s worse is a lot of these mistakes can be easily fixed!

 These mistakes range from user experience design to very important search engine optimization (SEO) implementation.
So here are my current top 10 wedding business websites mistakes that can easily be fixed.

1. Not HTTPS Secure 

In July 2018, Google made it so that for the Google Chrome browser, websites that are not HTTPS secure will show “Not Secure” right next the the URL. Sometimes I’ve noticed the “Not Secure” is in bright red letters

HTTPS Secure

This gives a bad impression and could definitely be a bigger problem in the long term. Since this change is rather recent, a lot of websites haven’t certified the website to be HTTPS secure yet.

As time goes on, however, more and more websites will be HTTPS secure until it will perceived as normal. It's also possible in the future Google could lower the rank of websites that aren’t HTTPS secure and boost the secure websites.

Overall its better to fix this issue sooner rather than later.

Luckily this problem can be solved quite easily.  This will need to be done via domain host or the Content Management System (CMS) that your website uses. Some sites require you to pay an annual fee while others offer it for free based on the site plan or plugins.

2. Sliders

Wedding Marketing Slider

Sliders are slideshows of usually images or deals moving across the screen. If done right sliders can actually be ok and useful for the website. Unfortunately most of the time sliders are not implemented correctly.

Unless there is a very specific reason that you must use a Slider, I do not recommend them at ALL!

The main reason people use sliders is they have so many photos to show but not enough space.
In this situation what is the first thing they do?

Use Sliders.

However by using sliders this way it has some major drawbacks.

First off the slider speed is an issue. Different people who visit your website will prefer different speeds.
Some might think your slider is too slow while other find it too fast, causing some irritation.

Second, if someone sees an image they like but it moves away, often they have to wait for the entire slider to go through in order to see the image. Even if you can move it back manually, this is extra effort and energy you are making your visitor do, making them even MORE frustrated.

Marketing Slider

Finally, even if they aren’t looking at the slider, the consistent animation can be distracting and irritating. This causes the final straw as your potential customer leaves your site because your slider was too annoying. 

Overall stable images are much better to use. Find that one strong image instead of using to many "ok" images. If you still want to have lots of images for visitors to look at, create a photo gallery further down the page which the visitor can look through on their own and decide their own pace. 

3. Text Not Visible

The most important thing of any wedding business website is explaining your service and booking those brides.

Therefore you want to make sure your visitors are able to understand your services easy and early now. However that is difficult when you can’t read anything on the website.

Having text that is not easily visible is a very big problem and it happens way more often than people may realize.

Half the time the text is just too small and the other time the text color makes it difficult to read.

This could be caused due to changes in the website construction or in artistic design. Whenever designing your wedding website make sure the text is very easy to read. I know you want a beautiful and artistic website but that factor needs to come AFTER you make sure your potential customers can read about your services.

4. Main Content Not Top of Page

Now that we can see your text, lets make sure your content is in the correct order.

A lot of wedding websites I see and work with often seem to focus on design and style. Now its good too look pleasant to the eyes, you need to make sure your message gets across to your audience.

I said it once and I will say it again.

The MOST important thing of any wedding business website is explaining your service and booking those brides.

This means when someone first visits your website, you want them to see content explaining WHAT YOU DO!

Too often wedding websites move the most important content further down the page. The likelihood of your potential client seeing it decreases the longer it takes to reach your core content.

For some wedding photographers I see most recent works.
For some wedding planners I see testimonials.
Now these different factors are important but you want your visitors to understand your service and reasons why your the best option before you provide other bits of information.

5. No H1 Tag

SEO Settings
The H1 tag is considered the most important tag on any individual page.  Among other factors, search engines will use the H1 tag to understand what the web page is about and how to rank it.

So if you don’t have any H1 tag listed, its a lost opportunity to strengthen your SEO.

 Sometimes your website will already be using the H1 tags even without you realizing it.

To check or change these settings depends on the content management system (CMS) that you are using. There are many different ways to check your site for H1 tag.

The easiest way for me is to use SEO tools like Moz or Screaming Frog. For those that are short on time, you can contact us at Venus Wedding Marketing for free website review which includes checking the H1 tag on a couple of your web pages.

6. H2 Tag Not Properly Used

The H2 tags are not as important to use as H1 tags, but they are still useful and should be used.

Unlike H1 tags where you only want 1 tag, H2 tags can have multiple tags or topics.

The H2 tags are like subtopics compared to the main H1 topic.

What you want to watch out for is using a couple of paragraphs as the a H2 tag. This is an issue when websites accidentally uses almost all of the content as the H2 tag. Overall you want to try to keep these tags in the style and length of a title or phrase.

Like I mentioned earlier with H1 tags, it depends on the CMS you are using on how your content is coded to a H2 tag.

7. Slow to Load

slow to load

Idealistically you want your website to load within 5 seconds or less.

Any more and over time Google may lowering your ranking.

Slow site will not only lose your ranking power but you will also lose customer satisfaction as well.

Today due to the power of high speed internet when people want something, they want it now. And the wedding industry is no different.

In fact, speed factor is probably an even more important factor to wedding businesses.

Brides will often view multiple websites, compare, and then make their decision based on what they liked the most. Going through the first website or two is fine but its likely after the 10th website the patience factor is much lower.

If your website is too slow to load, the potential client will just bounce and go to the next, faster competitor.

There are many factors causing a site to slow down. Server performance, code density, JavaScript issues and so on.

The easiest one to fix is image size and compression. Large, un-compressed images take a lot of energy and speed from a website. Check your image size and descale it if its anything above 100 KB.

8. Meta Description Not Properly Used

Meta Descriptions are also incredibly important that aren’t often used efficiently.

Basically search engines use Meta description as the web page description that shows in the search results.

Since this is the first thing people see when deciding if they should click on your website, you want to make sure it optimized well. Important keywords the person is looking for as well as a comprehensive summary of the page is ideal.

However if you don’t write the meta description then Google will review your site and write the description instead. These descriptions Google creates are not always accurate.

Even if you write the description, there are some limiting factors. Metadata description shouldn’t be any longer than a 160 word count. Any more and it will not show up on the search results.

But since meta description is a major factor for people deciding to click on your site, you don’t want it too short either. As such I highly recommend that you make the meta description around 140-150 word count.

9. Kira Kira Website 

kira kira website

Like any website, you want it to have a creative and interesting design.
At the same time you need to be careful not to get too artistic its too much.

You don’t want to have a kira kira website.

The word “kira kira(キラキラ)” is a Japanese word for being too flashy and sparkly to the point that it is overwhelming.

Doing digital marketing in Japan, I saw websites that look like they are from the early 1990’s.
Tons of animations, different types of text and image styles everywhere with no structure.

Now most wedding websites aren’t THAT bad, I still see my fair share of what I would call a kira kira website.

Wedding businesses want to show how creative and different they are in order to bring in more customers. Unfortunately they over do it and lose effective user experience in the process.

Review your design and ask yourself if its a bit too flashy. If so, ask yourself what factors are really necessary?
Anything that isn't probably needs to go.

As beautiful and artistic your website is, if I can’t figure out your website then I’m going to visit a simpler website.

10. Sell Too Soon

You want to inform people visiting your website what services you provide but you don’t want to start selling them immediately. You need to give reasons and a little bit of time for them to decide your the right choice.

I have meet with Single Grain CEO Eric Su and he expressed how a lot of websites try to get websites to buy right away which really harms the potential conversations. Basically its like meeting someone and the conversation goes “hello, buy my shit!”. Naturally, most people aren’t interested.

But not only Eric Su but plenty of other well known digital marketers express the same thing.

I love the book Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vangerburg which also focuses on this issue as well. (And for wedding vendors that want to work on your social media posting I highly recommend you read this book!).

In a boxing match, you don’t win with your first swing as a right hook.
You have to take many jabs before you can get that one big punch to win.

Marketing is no different. Give them a jab explaining your service. Give them a jab with awards or recognition you’ve received. Give them a jab showing your best work. And end with that right hook they can’t say no to.

Now having a contact button in the beginning of the site is ok depending on how you do it. Sometimes people will decide to use your service the second or third time they have visited your site. So you want to make it easy for them to contact you. Having a general contact us button for questions or a quick request. 

Otherwise take your time to sell your services.

Do you notice any of these mistakes when visiting wedding vendor websites?
Did we miss any important mistakes you see all the time?
Let us know by commenting below or you can contact us here

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About the Author

Ashley Ohno has worked in both the accounting and the digital marketing fields for many years. She has lived in Japan for over 3 years and during that time has worked with clients from all over the world.