Top 3 Wedding Advertising Tips

Like all businesses, wedding vendors are always looking for the best way to advertise their services.

Whether to focus on either paid vs free advertising or what advertising channel to use. When it comes to online marketing, it's incredibly important to start off having a smart and comprehensive strategy.

Before you start spending any of that wedding advertising dollars, below are useful tips and methods to help your wedding business.

Your Own Website

Your own Wedding Website advertising

Before you create that Google Adwords campaign or start that social media outreach, make sure you have a website that can convert those leads.

Advertising is driving traffic to your website to provide couples with more information and to (hopefully) convert them into happy customers.

If you plan on doing that, make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing and has the information your potential clients are looking for.

Is your website user-friendly? Does it use photos well and delivers its message?

Would you contact your business if you were planning your own wedding?

If you can’t honestly say yes for all of these questions then build up your website first before you start advertising it like crazy.

Plus if you create an amazing website, it in itself is advertising your business 24/7.

Posting on Directory Sites

Wedding Directory sites for backlinks

All digital marketers will tell you, to improve your website’s Google ranking you need backlinks. One way a lot of wedding businesses get backlinks is through Directory Sites.

It's free, boosts your ranking, and people search on the directory too...right?

Well not exactly.

Not all directory sites are free. And even if they are, you get to post limited information and sometimes you don’t get a backlink.

Take for example The Knot and WeddingWire. Both have free profile accounts, but they are very limited and often you will be hidden in a crowd of many other vendors.

I would still recommend having your business on both of these sites, just understand your business won’t be featured with lots of beautiful photos that will generate lead.

At least not for free.

Nowadays most people aren't using wedding directories as their main way of finding their wedding vendors.

It's becoming more common for brides to do a google search instead of looking up directories.

And if the bride already has a venue picked out, often the venue will refer the bride to other preferred vendors.

When I was planning my wedding this year, I almost never used a directory.

Searching on Wedding Directories

And if I did use a directory, I would still check the vendor’s google reviews and website before even considering to contact them.

Still, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your website on directories, it just means this shouldn't be your only advertising method. You need to be careful and smart about it.

Some directories backlinks can improve your website if you use the right one. I would recommend using niche or local directories over general directories. If you get a backlink that is too different from what you do, Google gets suspicious and sometimes lowers your ranking if they think you're doing something wrong.

For local directories, search Wedding Vendor Directory (YOUR CITY) or (YOUR CITY) Chamber of Commerce. For wedding niche directories make sure they have decent domain authority.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Google Adwords

What makes Google Adwords stands out is how measurable and flexible it is.

With Adwords, you can choose your spending and change it any day. Depending on your location or keywords, you can spend around $1-3 per click or less.  It will show when people search for keywords you specify advertising for.

You are given data that shows which ad is getting the highest click-through rate or the best ROI return. Using this information you can test and change your ad headlines or description to help it convert more clicks or even leads. You can connect it to Google Analytics and create goals to know how much you're spending for each lead.

This isn’t something you can do for spending advertising money on websites like The Knot or WeddingWire.

Google Adwords

You still need to be careful though. If you don’t set up your Adwords campaign or check it often enough, you may lose a lot of money advertising incorrectly. There is a lot of information about how to use Adwords. Google has a lot of free videos you can watch.

If this seems overwhelming, then you can work with a digital marketing agency to set up or run your campaign. Regardless, I REALLY recommend you make sure your campaign is set up correctly. So if you have to hire a digital marketer, hire them for this. If your campaign isn’t set up properly you can lose a lot of money advertising the wrong audience.

But if you set it up correctly and keep a careful eye on the campaign, it can bring in a lot of leads.

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